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   Some of the dog grooming team at the 2013 Gundog In-service Lane Cove.

           In 2000 our dog grooming business experience commenced with the purchase of Marciaís Northshore Grooming Centre at Lane Cove. The business was first run as a sole proprietor with a permanent staff of two groomers. In 2005 the structure of the business was changed to that of a company and the name was changed to Pet Grooming Australia Pty Ltd trading as Pet Design Grooming Services. In 2006 we started up our second salon at Epping and in 2010 we purchased our third salon in Manly, formerly Northside Grooming. With the increase in salons and the consequent increase in clientele we now employ five permanent full time staff and six people part time. As of September 2017 Sayaka Tano is the new owner of the Manly Salon and is trading under the name Scissored Paws.

Pet Design employees work as a team. It doesnít matter at which salon they are based, all employees work together to improve the business. Team members are trained in various aspects of the business and up-skilled in their dog grooming abilities both in-house and by specialists in their field. They are encouraged and trained to be excellent groomers, have very good customer service skills and as a result are respected by the community and their peers. Every day we will strive to be as good as or better than all others in all aspects of our business. This means not only our grooming but our customer service, our health and safety procedures, our dog and cat handling, our animal knowledge and our salonís cleanliness need to be first rate at all times.

Salon manager RikaSalon manager Jenny

         Jenny Owner-Manager

                                                                    Rika Salon Manager Lane Cove

Dog Groomer Janice                 Kazu Dog Handler/Trainer

      Kazoo Dog Trainer Lane Cove
                                                                     Janice Salon Manager Epping     
Dog Groomer Nana

                      Nana Groomer Epping

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