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  Issue #1 June 2013
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Puppy Love, Then Pride and Groom
Jenny dog grooming at Lane Cove

Interview with Jenny for
The poodle started the journey into a new career for the former school teacher. ‘‘I met a couple who showed me how to groom and then I met John Edwards, . . . He also taught me grooming for eight months and I didn’t want to go back to teaching, so John said ‘Go and buy a salon’".     More

Grooming Dogs with Allergies
Typical hotspots on a dog
What is an allergy you may ask?  An allergy is an over sensitivity to a substance. The most common causes of allergies in dogs affecting the skin include: pollens, grasses, fleas, dust mites
and food. Like humans some dogs are more prone to allergies than other dogs, which can make life for them very uncomfortable.      More

Fleas !!!!!!!

They are taking over the suburbs ….. Well not really but it sure seems like it.
The weather has been ideal lately and they’re hatching in record numbers. We are frequently hearing from clients that they’ve never had problems with fleas before but this year they are overwhelmed. The flea cycle explains a lot of what is
happening and also helps us to understand how best to fight the invasion.  

Lost Pet Finders'
Lost Pet Finders Pet Alert is new to Australia and is an effective means of getting many eyes and ears looking for your lost pet. Responses from the public are very helpful with listeners divulging the whereabouts of the pet, giving leads, promising to search properties and even volunteering their services to search. This method is an extremely direct way of capturing the attention of the public regarding your pet.  More

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